Yan Sim


I manage Warby Parker's 🕶️ $100M Home Try-on program and national distribution network. I've been in various strategy and operations roles, spanning strategy consulting for Fortune 50 tech companies, running operations and supply chain for consumer product and e-commerce firms 🛒 and leading cyber-wargaming 🕹️ for the Singapore Armed Forces.

Side hustles make me happy. My last few involved moving iPhone Xs to buyers in the Middle East 📱, building an Airbnb business 🏠, and a career coaching practice (resumemint.co) 📄 - though not all at the same time.

My latest venture brings together my love for design and arbitrage by outsourcing the development of beautiful sites for people and their businesses 🌎 (10x.space).

Startups and hustles are interesting but I also enjoy being outdoors, listening to Rach II in the dark, building communities, architecture, exploring new places, salt water, wildlife photography, doing duathlons and meeting new people so please say hello. I’ve traveled to 52 countries so far and am starting to put some travel guides together - feel free to share them freely.


📷 @yan.sim